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                                                            It's a Snap !
Are you tired of loose fitting dentures? Are you afraid to smile , laugh , or speak in public? How about all the sticky goos and pastes? Imagine life without all the hassle of chopping and blending your food ! Denture Anchors greatly improve your chewing  function and comfort. If you are unable to chew food properly, your risk of stomach upset and gastric distress is very high. Denture Anchors are commonly called Mini Dental Implants. They are a great way to capture a more natural look and feel. Enhanced lip support and facial geometry are additonal benefits of an o-ring secured snap in denture .


Below we have answered some of your most common questions .

Why Dental Implants ?
Replacing your missing teeth will have a positive effect on your quality of life. Implants are one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. Dental implants are metal posts that replace the root portion of missing natural teeth. When you've lost your natural teeth due to accident, injury or disease, implants are the most popular and effective solution .

What are mini dental implants (DENTURE ANCHORS) ?
Like most dental implants, mini implants are made of metal alloys. Mini implants are more slender than regular dental implants and are used to stabilize a removable denture. The base of the denture gently rests on the gums and implants. The dental implant is a strong, cylinder-shaped post that is placed below the gums in the  jaw bone. A portion of the implant extends through the gums and serves as an anchor for your denture. Because the jaw bone grows around the implant and holds it in place it allows for you to have great stability and function like your natural teeth. 

What's involved ? 
Dr. Davis will do an evaluation and x-rays to determine the best treatment for you.

The mini denture anchors are gently placed using local anesthesia and minimally invasive placement protocols.
Pain medication will be prescribed for post placement discomfort but is often not needed!
Within a few hours of placement, you will be eating, talking, and laughing comfortably and confidently!

How would I care for my implants?

While getting used to your implants, we don't recommend you eat foods that are sticky or very hard. In some cases we may recommend you use a certian mouthwash and toothbrush. If you have natural teeth brush and floss twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Like natural teeth, dental implants can be affected by wear and tear. Be sure to keep up your dental visits regular so you can continue a healthy mouth.

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